PMC loudspeakers in demand at the High End Show

Monday, May 12, 2014


Visitors to the forthcoming High End Show in Munich will be able to experience a broad selection of PMC loudspeakers, thanks to requests from several exhibitors for PMC to supply its products for use in hi-fi demonstrations and masterclass workshops.

The UK’s Chord Electronics, another company that takes a no compromise approach to the design and manufacturer of its products, has chosen to feature the flagship BB5SE speakers to reveal the very best performance from its electronics. The BB5SE is a domestic version of the world’s leading studio monitor, the BB5-Active, which is used at major recording facilities across the globe. This is the first time the SE version of the BB5, with its 380mm (15”) bass driver and renowned PMC 75 midrange driver, will have been heard at the High End Show. To provide a suitably powerful drive, Chord will be utilising its SPM14000MkII mono power amplifiers and CPA8000 reference preamp, together with the new DSX1000 network music player and Red Reference Mk111 CD player.  Chord Electronics can be found in Atrium 3, C122.

German hi-fi magazine, Stereoplay, will be using a pair of fully-fledged studio monitors from PMC, the IB2S XBD-Active system, in its mastering workshops. Using a selection of recording equipment including a Studer 80 MkII, a SPL mixing desk and an Octave preamp, Jürgen Schröder, Stereoplay editor and recording engineer, will be making analogue and digital recordings of Uli Schiller’s guitar playing for the show visitors to compare the differences for themselves. Experiencing the transparency of the PMC monitors and accuracy of reproduction, the listeners will understand why they are the speakers of choice for the biggest names in music production and how no other speaker can bring the same performance from the studio to the home.

On the reasons for selecting PMC monitors, Holger Biermann of Stereoplay comments, “We have chosen PMC monitors because we love them as hi-fi speakers and a lot of our sound engineer friends use them for monitoring. In this situation, where we are demonstrating the differences between analogue and digital recordings, we need a very transparent sounding and very powerful speaker.”

The Stereoplay workshops will take place in Atrium 4, F 228.

Keith Tonge, marketing manager of PMC says, “It is hugely gratifying when other highly respected manufacturers and journalists request our speakers for use at shows. Being recognised by one’s peers clearly demonstrates that the care and dedication we put into designing loudspeakers that reproduce music exactly as it sounds in the studio is understood.” He adds, “And I am particularly pleased that our large scale studio monitors, the IB2 and the domestic version of the flagship BB5 will be in use at this year’s show – it’s rare that the hi-fi consumer gets the chance to hear these products and I know they will be impressed.”