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PMC’s reputation as an industry leader in the immersive audio market has led dBs Institute of Sound & Digital Technologies to choose the company’s loudspeakers for two new Dolby Atmos Music studios it is opening at its Manchester and Bristol campuses.
dBs Institute, which also has a campus in Plymouth, offers degree and master’s programmes across a range of music...

With more than 20 years’ experience as a composer and audio specialist, Edward Patrick White knows the importance of creating arrangements and mixes that translate seamlessly between his own studio and a dubbing stage. Having the right tools for the job is critical, which is why he has recently changed his studio monitoring to incorporate a pair of PMC 6-2 nearfield monitors.



Grammy nominated engineer Nick Rives is joining forces with UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC to deliver a series of seminars in which he will share his extensive knowledge of mixing music in the Dolby Atmos immersive format.

Rives, who was Grammy nominated in the Best R&B Album category for recording Gregory Porter’s album All Rise, is a staff engineer at Capitol Studios in...

Dutch producer and engineer Laurens van Oers has joined a growing band of audio professionals who are choosing PMC’s new compact range of near and midfield monitors for their own facilities because the clarity of these speakers allows them to hear exactly what is going on in their mix.
Launched in 2021 and the culmination of five years of intense development, PMC’s...
Recording engineer, sound designer and mixer Dror Mohar is a fan of PMC professional monitors, describing them as the ‘ultimate tool’ and a game changer in terms of how he works. He is so convinced by their performance that he now owns two PMC systems – one in his studio in Los Angeles and one that travels the world with him so he can have PMC sound quality wherever he is.
Collaborative and networking initiative Beyond The Mix is holding a one-day seminar on October 7th 2022 to showcase mixing techniques to aspiring producers and engineers.
The seminar will take place at PMC Studio London, PMC’s fully equipped Dolby Atmos demo facility. Speakers will include GRAMMY and BRIT Award winning producer and engineer Heff Moraes, who is PMC’s...