PMC Introduces the Bryston BDP-2 Digital Music Player

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Bryston BDP-2

PMC loudspeakers, UK distributor of Bryston electronics, is using its demonstration at Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show, to launch the the BDP-2 digital music player, an enhanced version of the respected BDP-1 that accommodates larger music libraries with faster load times.

Like the BDP-1, the BDP-2 is designed to give music aficionados the ability to enjoy their library of high-resolution digital music files (resolutions of
up to 24-bit/192kHz are supported) residing
on a USB storage device, which in turn is directly connected via standard USB cable
or thumb drive to the Bryston digital music

New to the BDP-2 are six USB 2.0
inputs and upgradability to USB 3.0, future-proofing the device as a long term music player solution.
Additionally, the BDP-2 contains eight times the internal memory and three times the processing speed compared to the BDP-1, which will remain in the Bryston lineup alongside the BDP-2.

Bryston VP James Tanner explained, “The user interface and sonic qualities of the BDP-2 are identical to the BDP-1. We have given the BDP-2 NAS and eSATA drive connectivity, UPnP/DNLA client/server support and much more speed for those customers with very large libraries of music files.” He concluded, “The BDP-2 is the logical step-up product in terms of features and functionality based upon the success we have had with the BDP-1.”

The BDP-2 features two RS232 ports for control system connectivity and two Gigabit Ethernet connections, all pointing to a new internal motherboard powered by an Intel® AtomTM processor. The 10A peak power supply in the BDP-2 is more robust than the BDP-1’s power supply to accommodate these changes. The BDP-2 also has accommodations for a user-supplied internal drive that should be installed by PMC, the UK authorised Bryston service facility. 

BDP-2 specifications and features

  • No moving parts
  • Six USB 2.0 inputs

  • Future USB 3.0 upgradable... providing two additional USB 3.0 inputs (total 8)
  • One eSATA Drive input

  • Internal SATA drive compatible (optional)
  • 2X - Gigabit Ethernet Inputs (for network connectivity)

  • NAS Connectivity Supported
  • UPnP/DNLA Server
  • Improved power supply delivers over 5 amps (10 amps peak)

  • Custom Intel® AtomTM powered motherboard

  • Eight times more system memory (than the BDP-1)

  • Two RS-232 Serial Ports (device control)

  • Manages much larger libraries

  • Improved load times on drives

  • Improved load times on all wireless interfaces (MAX, MINI, MPOD, MPAD etc.)