The PMC 2016 UK Retailer Awards Winners Announced

Monday, December 19, 2016

And the winner are...

PMC is pleased to announce the winners of its 2016 UK Retailer Awards, which recognises those retailers that have made a substantial effort with both their PMC business and the development of their own businesses.

Judging against five awards categories, the management team at PMC have chosen a group of winners who have demonstrated consistent levels of expertise and service during the year. The five categories and winners are:

Retailer of the Year 2016 – Fanthorpes HiFi
Awarded for the third year in a row for its excellent product knowledge and enthusiasm, from a team of people who are all fully trained in the PMC product range and provide outstanding levels of customer service. The Hull based company’s ‘can-do’ attitude to the sales and marketing of PMC products was clearly demonstrated at the National Audio Show, where Fanthorpes featured PMC extensively in its two rooms.

Best Customer Service 2016 – Soundcraft HiFi
For over 60 years the Kent town of Ashford has been served by Soundcraft HiFi. Having changed and adapted its business over the six decades, to keep itself relevant in the face of new technologies, Soundcraft has retained a large number of long-standing and loyal customers. Stocking the entire PMC hi-fi range, including the twenty5 series, fact and SE ranges, Soundcraft provides traditional service standards that ‘go the extra mile’.

Best Demonstration 2016 – Signals HiFi
By its own admission, Suffolk based Signals is not a conventional retail store, but it is one that consistently achieves superb results with PMC products. Testament to which is the plethora of very positive feedback received by Signals and PMC from happy customers. And now, building on its success to date, the company is investing a vast sum in a new custom built environment to make the customer experience even better.

Innovative marketing 2016 – Unilet Sound & Vision
Deserved winners for a second year, running Unilet has built on its highly innovative and successful headroom™ show with the launch of The Indulgence Show, held in west London and designed to attract a new demographic to the wonders of high quality audio and other quality temptations. Its rebranding of the Custom Cable business as displays another innovation from the business to serve the ever increasing market for high quality audio on the move.

Best retail experience 2016 – HiFi Lounge
Another award presented for the second year running, and awarded purely on the basis of customer feedback. the Dunton, Bedfordshire, business has been commended for its warm welcome, enthusiasm and professional knowledge of PMC products. Having recently expanded the business with the launch of Highend Headphones, its customers’ audio requirements are extremely well catered for by husband and wife proprietors, Paul and Wendy Clark.

Peter Thomas, owner of PMC, offers his thoughts on the awards, “It is good to take a pause from the busy day-to-day business of running the company every now and again and reflect on the superb job our retail partners do. Without them we would not be in the enviable position we are now, developing and selling high quality products that music lovers desire, with a brand that is so well recognised. That recognition is, in a large part, due to the work of our retailers and so we are pleased to be able to publicly acknowledge their efforts with the 2016 UK Retailer Awards. My heartfelt congratulations go to all the very worthy winners.”