Producer and Musician Paul Gala Extolls the Quality of result6 Monitors

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Music producer and label owner Paul Gala has installed PMC result6 Compact nearfield reference monitors in his studio in South Africa and is delighted with the sound they are delivering to his recording and mixing projects.
“I invested in the result6 monitors because they were extremely affordable for the quality, they sound amazing and are very light and robust,” he explains. “I still have a pair of PMC TB2S-AII nearfield monitors that I love but in my opinion the result6 monitors are probably PMC's best speaker and I feel like I’ll be using them forever.”
A composer and artist as well as a producer, Gala learned sound engineering from his father, John Galanakis, who was also a well known producer and record label owner, specialising in African music. After spending a few years in Europe – mainly in London, Berlin and Tuscany – Gala recently returned to South Africa and established a studio in Johannesburg that acts as a base for his own band, Hunter As A Horse, and his record label, Bad Future.
“Bad Future is definitely a family business,” he says. “My wife is an A&R, writer and composer and I run the label with my brother, who lives in London. We find and develop young talent in South Africa and help them to reach their full potential as artists. It’s mostly indie music but we are also releasing some darker pop stuff. Our current artist is James Deacon but we have a few more artists in development.”
The label also focuses on getting its own productions and music from established South African artists onto TV shows, trailers, films and adverts in Europe and the US. 
Gala’s studio, which is used for recording and mixing projects, is based around a hybrid analogue and digital setup with Metric Halo converters. There is also a selection of analogue outboard equipment including a Modular Channel from Overstayer and a digitally controlled WES Audio bus compressor, plus a range of mic pre’s, EQs and compressors including some custom built valve units. 
Gala adds that the new result6 monitors, which were supplied by PMC’s South African distributor Benjamin Pro Audio, give him exactly what he was missing in his monitoring set up.
“I find them to be transparent, incredibly open for mixing but also, at the same time, they sound classy, expensive, and are really enjoyable when playing back mixes or reference tracks.”
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