PMC, sunning itself at Holme Court

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

PMC's Peter Thomas with solar panels at Holme Court

PMC has confirmed its green manufacturing credentials by installing a substantial array of solar panels at its UK head office, cutting down on its use of traditionally generated electricity and contributing excess power back to the National Grid.

A specialist commercial provider of high-tech solar solutions installed the 36 panels on the roof of the main warehouse at the company’s prestigious Holme Court head office. Each panel has a rating of 260 watts, with the 58m2 array providing an output of 9.36kW, sufficient to significantly reduce the company’s reliance on fossil fuel generated electricity for the administration, R&D and marketing offices.

Owner of the business, Peter Thomas came up with the idea of utilising the roof space to generate solar electricity, while looking at the extensive commercial wind farm that is situated close to PMC’s facility. Commenting on the commissioning of the system, Peter says, “It is my intention to make PMC as green a company as I can, and so, given the issues of greenhouse gasses and global warming that surrounds the use of fossil fuels, installing a solar array seemed the logical first step.” He continues, “The wind farm next door inspired me to take action and we will continue to install additional panels over the coming months and years, to further reduce our carbon footprint and do our part to help contribute to a cleaner environment.”