PMC to release Dragonflies around the UK

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DragonFly with every pair of twenty series

PMC loudspeakers has teamed up with AudioQuest to offer the US cable giant’s Dragonfly USB DAC to all UK purchasers of its acclaimed twenty series free of charge from 1st October until 31st December 2012, giving them a flying start with computer-based audio.

By registering the purchase of their twenty series via the PMC website, UK customers will be able to choose whether to have the Dragonfly mailed to them, or whether they would prefer to collect it from their local PMC retailer.

The very detailed output of the PMC twenty series is ideally suited to reproduce the highest quality digital music files stored on a computer-based audio system, allowing listeners to enjoy every nuance of the performance. AudioQuest’s Dragonfly is a compact digital to analogue converter (DAC) that bypasses the internal, and often-poor quality, sound card that is built into the computer being used to playback the music. Connecting to the USB socket of the computer, the dongle-sized Dragonfly takes the digital output from a Mac or PC to turn any computer into a true high fidelity music source.

Whether the customer uses an iTunes library of downloads or has ripped their CD collection to a hard drive or purchased high-resolution music, the Dragonfly will make the output of the computer sound better. Together with this improved output, it is necessary to have the best reproduction equipment in the rest of the audio chain. PMC’s critically acclaimed twenty series has been designed from the ground up to produce a contemporary design with a truly high-end audio performance.

As with all PMC loudspeakers, the company’s Advanced Transmission Line technology (ATL™) produces a very low distortion bass that goes much deeper than is possible with any other type of loudspeaker design. The reduced distortion enables the critical midrange information such as vocals to be heard with outstanding clarity, making them the ideal loudspeaker for use with high-resolution computer audio systems.

Mike Picanza, PMC head of sales, said, “Our friends at AudioQuest showed us the Dragonfly earlier in the year and we were impressed by what a simple and elegant solution it is to the issue of achieving better sound from a computer. We subsequently lent AudioQuest a pair of twenty series speakers for its demonstrations, as they required a speaker that was capable of showing off the Dragonfly’s superb sound quality.” He added, “With such a combination of products it was the obvious next step to find a way to work more closely together and so I am delighted to be able to bring this outstanding product to our customers to help them get the best out of their systems and to allow their twenty series speakers to really shine.”