PMC Monitors Are Game Changers For The University Of Hertfordshire

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

University Of Hertfordshire

“Detail, clarity and depth of imaging – that’s what we really like about our new PMC monitors,” says Rob Phillips, the Principal Technical Officer for Music at the University of Hertfordshire. “With these monitors we hear the material we are recording – not the cabinet. Time and time again they prove their worth and we are so pleased to have them.”

The monitors in question are an IB2S-A stereo system and a pair of PMC’s result6 active nearfields that were installed as part of a refurbishment of the audio facilities at the University’s School of Creative Arts. The technical upgrade also includes new AMS Neve Genesys Black G32 and Genesys G32 consoles, which perfectly complement the new room acoustics and monitoring.

Recently awarded TEF Gold status and one of the UK’s leading business-facing universities, Hertfordshire believes it is imperative to give the 2,000-plus students at its School of Creative Arts access to the same professional recording, editing and mastering technology that they will encounter when they have completed their studies. To this end it now has two industry standard recording studios and nine editing suites.

Rob Phillips says that pairing the new AMS Neve consoles with the right monitors was an important consideration and the reason why the School decided to upgrade its monitoring to PMC.

“The sound delivered by our new monitors is remarkable,” he explains. “The flat response, headroom and extended LF reproduction ensure that our students do not miss anything when they are tracking, mixing or mastering. They are an ideal partner for the AMS Neve consoles and we are very pleased to be able to offer our students the opportunity to get to grips with equipment of this calibre.”

Philips adds that the refurbished audio facilities are helping students improve their workflow by giving them the ability to recall desk EQ and dynamics instantly.

“The students have taken a real interest in the sonic flavour that both consoles can offer and appreciate being able to hear the difference because our monitors are so accurate and transparent,” he says. “In the future we would ideally consider an expansion of the monitoring in our facilities to bring it up to Dolby Atmos specifications, using more result6 monitors and appropriate sub-woofers.”