PMC launch the QB1-XBD-A high resolution speaker system

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

QB1-XBD-A launch

PMC is delighted to announce the launch of the latest addition to its global award winning range of active loudspeakers - the QB1 XBD-A at PMC/Auro3D Sound Room 17, CEDIA Expo 2015, Dallas.

To recreate the awe-inspiring realism and stunning dynamics of a blockbuster movie in a home cinema, there is no better choice of loudspeaker than the ones used to make the movies. The list of films that have been composed, mixed or mastered using PMC loudspeakers is enormous: Bridge of Spies, Spectre, Finding Dory, Man of Steel, Captain America, Iron Man , The Dark Knight, The Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, WALL-E, Skyfall and Titanic, to name but a few. It is probably easier to name all the movies NOT made on PMC speakers then the ones that were.

PMC’s role in the movie industry was already recognized in 1996 when the company was awarded an Emmy® for its ‘contribution to recording excellence’ No other loudspeaker company has been honoured in such a way by the very people who make the movies.

The QB1 XBD-Active is the next generation of loudspeaker that joins the long line of PMC’s legendary designs and is a development of the single cabinet version that features in the world famous Capitol Studios, Hollywood, where many Oscar winning movies have been recorded and mixed. PMC’s new QB1-XBD Active, the result of intensive research and development, brings together the latest in bespoke driver and Class-D amplifier design, DSP control and PMC’s patented ATL™ bass-loading technology. The result is a single reference speaker with analogue and digital inputs (up to 192 kHz) that has the transparency, resolution, dynamic range, frequency response, forensic sense of detail, and wide, consistent imaging demanded by the international audio elite.

The new QB1 XBD-Active is like no other loudspeaker currently available.  Nothing comes close to its ability to describe power, dynamics and detail. Its capacity to recreate the awe-inspiring realism of a blockbuster movie in a large home cinema is unparalleled. With a maximum SPL of 134dB at one meter and an array of eight 10-inch Nomex®/carbon fiber piston bass drivers per channel, the QB1-XBD-A can certainly produce an emotional response – The sound of a gunshot could be lethal.

The vast array of EQ tuning ensures that it is easily optimized for the most challenging acoustic environments. The added bonus is that all this can be done via the remote control in-room, in real time.  Though a giant amongst loudspeakers, it is less than 21 inches deep so inclusion into a soffit or wall configuration behind a projection screen is ideal.

The cabinet houses PMC’s ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) bass loading system that utilizes a sophisticated cabinet construction and patented absorption materials. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported models available elsewhere. The bass response is far cleaner, clearer and defined.  It allows for a far greater depth of low frequency, which can be heard and felt at all listening levels. Such is the low level of low frequency coloration means no harmonic distortion that could mask the vocal (speech) midrange that is experienced with other bass loading systems.

The power is supplied by PMC’s ultra-low distortion amplification that in total amounts to an awesome 8,825W per channel, which only adds to the QB’s sense of limitless headroom. Each driver is directly coupled to its own independent power amplifier.

However you look at it he QB1-XBD-A’s make the movies and with their transparency, resolution, unmatched bass energy and solid tangible imaging they will exceed any audiophile’s demands. 

Visit PMC in Sound Room 17 at the 2015 CEDIA EXPO and hear the PMC QB1-XBD-A in a 9.1 Auro 3D configuration.