PMC Gets Behind The Campaign To Save Denmark Street

Monday, June 1, 2015

Don't Bin Tin Pan Alley!

PMC Speakers is backing a campaign to save Tin Pan Alley – otherwise known as London's Denmark Street, a 104 year old worldwide heritage centre for British popular music.

Tin Pan Alley has huge historical importance. It was the birthplace of sheet music publishing in 1911 and subsequently the birthplace of the music charts. The NME and The Melody Maker began life there, and for many years it was the place to have an office if you were a music publisher or an artist's manager. 

This famous street, which already boasts a number of revered music shops and guitar workshops, is now under threat from property developers who want to build yet more luxury apartments and hotels. The Save Denmark St Campaign is fighting against that and hopes, with music industry support, to turn this unique area into a thriving ‘rock exchange’ and fully rejuvenated Music Mecca for both the British Music Industry and British Music Publishing. This will ensure that Denmark Street becomes a centre for London's music industry, just as The City is for banking.

PMC is now adding its support to the campaign, which already has the backing of the MU, PPL, PRS, MCPS, and Music Publishers.

Peter Thomas, PMC's Founder, says: "The sheer numbers of music publishers in Denmark Street gave huge opportunities for young songwriters to develop and make their way in the music industry. Without it, so much of the music we enjoy today would never have been composed or recorded. My record collection would certainly be significantly smaller, and the pleasure of listening to so many classic albums would have been lost.

"Denmark Street has been the home of UK music for over a hundred years. Let’s make sure we don’t allow the birthplace of UK music to disappear."

If you would also like to help, you can sign the ‘Don’t Bin Tin Pan Alley’ petition at this link: