PMC Flagship Boutiques Highlights Dolby Atmos Mixing

Monday, June 14, 2021

Apple’s announcement that it is bringing industry-leading Dolby Atmos sound quality to its formidable consumer base is a massive endorsement for immersive audio – a format that many people in the music industry are only just discovering.

For those who have not yet dipped a toe in the Dolby Atmos for Music market, now is absolutely the time to take the leap because Apple Music’s decision ensures that many millions of people will soon experience this entirely new way of listening. As Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats, says:

“Listening to a song in Dolby Atmos is like magic. The music comes from all around you and sounds incredible.”

PMC has been championing Dolby Atmos for Music for nearly five year and has built numerous Atmos mixing facilities for high profile clients. Completed projects include those for Universal Music Group, Atlantic Records, Dean Street Studios and Apple itself, not to mention PMC-owned Atmos demo studios in Los Angeles, London and Nashville that are attracting plenty of interest from PMC customers who want to listen to Atmos Music and try their hand at mixing in immersive audio. Many other PMC equipped facilities are under construction and will be opening for business throughout this year.

A key reason why PMC is such a big part of the Dolby Atmos revolution is our close working relationship with Dolby. PMC monitoring systems are now widely regarded as the standard reference for Dolby Atmos for Music because their almost limitless headroom, power capabilities, pin-point accuracy and sonic fidelity ensure that they go well beyond Dolby’s minimum requirements. The beauty of PMC’s range is its flexibility. With so many monitors to choose from, PMC’s customers can mix and match various models to create an Atmos system that perfectly suits their studio environment. And they can do this safe in the knowledge that every product – no matter how small or large – will deliver the same tonal balance, dynamics and dispersion characteristics that make PMC such a trusted and respected brand all over the world.
Alongside PMC’s own Atmos demo studios, we are now also able to share the magic of immersive audio via our Flagship Boutique in Los Angeles where PMC partner RSPE Audio Solutions has installed a Dolby Atmos Music Nearfield Mix Room.

Equipped with a high resolution 9.1.4 PMC Nearfield monitoring system, the compact size of this solution shows the versatility of PMC’s product range and how easily an Atmos configuration can be achieved, even in a relatively small space.

Based in Universal City, Los Angeles, PMC Flagship Boutique is now THE place to go for anyone who wants to experience Dolby Atmos first hand, or needs advice on mixing in immersive audio or would just like to talk to someone about setting up their own Dolby Atmos mix room.
With Apple and Dolby working together to promote this new format – and aiming to double the number of Dolby-enabled studios in major markets – now is definitely the time to embrace an immersive audio world. Consumers and professionals who have already experience Dolby Atmos are convinced that this format is the future for the music industry, and PMC is here to help anyone who wants to know more. Dealers, distributors and customers can contact us for advice and for a demo at one of our PMC Studio facilities where there are plenty of monitors in the PMC range that can deliver an incredible experience!