PMC and Auro-3D will immerse you in sound at CES

Friday, December 19, 2014

PMC and Auro-3 will immerse you in sound at CES

PMC Loudspeakers will take centre stage at the forthcoming International CES (Las Vegas, 6-9 January 2015) in the Auro-3D demonstration suite, to immerse visitors in a new standard of sound reproduction and high resolution audio, which is more realistic than anything that has gone before.

The multi-award winning PMC twenty series will be utilised for all the channels in the 9.1 Auro-3D system on demonstration at the Venetian Exhibit Suite 31-336. The front left and right channels will be brought to life with the recently released three-way flagship from the range, the twenty.26. Centre channel duties fall on the twenty.C and the rear channels will be provided by the twenty.23 compact floorstanders. Where Auro-3D takes its name from is in the adding of a third dimension of sound, namely front and rear height channels. The diminutive, but extremely powerful, twenty.21 speakers will provide this all important height information to create the cocoon-like sound sensation. Low frequency effects will be provided courtesy of the TLE1 active subwoofer.

PMC’s long standing pedigree in the professional audio world and in particular as the speakers of choice for countless movie studios, score composers and post production facilities, make them the obvious choice for this demonstration. The Advanced Transmission Line technology employed in every PMC loudspeaker provides a depth and speed of bass and clarity of midrange information that enables the critical soundtrack information to be created, recorded and played back with precision. And identical voicing across the entire PMC range, from the flagship QB1 main monitor system down to the smallest model, the twenty.21, ensures a reproduction of the movie soundtrack that sounds exactly like it did in the studio.

Auro-3D’s immersive sound technology, with height channels providing that hitherto missing dimension is a leap forward for the reproduction of movies, gaming, broadcast and multi-media soundtracks.

PMC’s creative director, Keith Tonge, says, “The entirely realistic immersion in sound offered by Auro-3D has to be experienced to be believed. We are very proud to be involved with Auro’s demonstration at the International CES and know that the visitors to the company’s suite will be blown away, not only by the sound experience, but by the clarity and realism provided by the twenty series.”

Further information on Auro-3D can be gained from the main Auro booth 76003.