msm Studio Group Revamps its PMC-Based Dolby Atmos Room

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

High-end media production company msm Studio Group has confirmed its commitment to Dolby Atmos Music by ensuring that its recently redesigned main studio is equipped with a PMC monitoring system – the reference standard for Dolby Atmos Music Mixing.

Opened in 1991, msm has long been at the forefront of cutting edge audio production. As well as its main Atmos studio, the Munich-based facility also has two PMC-equipped mastering rooms (one in stereo and one in 5.1), and a smaller editing and QC room.

msm founder and Managing Director Stefan Bock says: “We have refurbished our main studio and removed the large cinema screen, which took up a lot of space and gave the impression that the room was more about post than music. This isn’t the case - we are 100% committed to mixing music in Dolby Atmos and we wanted to make sure our studio reflected that.”

The studio houses PMC IB2S three way speakers for the L, C, R channels and DB1S speakers for the surround and height channels. As part of the refurbishment, studio designer Jochen Veith has improved the acoustics to reflect the fact that cinema-style seating has also been removed.

“We now have a room that sounds even more fantastic and feels contemporary and friendly,” Bock adds. “The space is very flexible and we do still have a cinema screen for sound to picture projects such as live concert mixes, but it is motorized so that it can be hidden away when not in use.”

Since re-opening, msm Studio Group has been working on a number of Atmos for Music projects for artists such as Yello, John Williams, Herbert Grönemeyer, Peter Maffay and Sarah Brightman, as well as projects for major labels such as Universal Music, Sony Music and Deutsche Grammophon.

"We have been dealing with immersive audio formats for some time, especially in the context of Pure Audio Blu-ray," Bock says. "Our PMC equipped Dolby Atmos Mixing suite has always sounded amazing and now it sounds even better. We all love working in there.”

msm studios atmos pmc

msm studios atmos pmc