Get to the core of PMC in rooms F123 and C113 at High End 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Get to the core of PMC

PMC, global leader in the manufacture of audiophile and professional loudspeakers, will be giving show visitors the chance to get right to the core of its design philosophy with a major new product introduction, the latest SE range and twenty5 series on demonstration and additions to its UK distributed AVM range.

In Atrium 4.1 room F123, highlighting the core design methodology of PMC will be one of the company’s most significant ever product releases. Without doubt raising some surprising reactions, the product to be unveiled at High End is the fulfillment of a long held desire of PMC’s founder and owner, Peter Thomas. PMC will also be demonstrating the mighty MB2 XBD SE, the domestic version of the reference studio monitoring system of the same name, used by recording and mastering professionals across the world.  With its twin 12” (300mm) radial bass drivers, the renowned PMC 75 midrange driver and 24dB crossover, the MB2 XBD brings the realism, dynamics and authenticity of the studio into the home. The SE series has recently undergone a transformation with new veneers that complement the latest trends in interior decoration and customer requirements. The worlds most discerning audiophiles can now specify SE models, in active or passive guise, in Grand Walnut, Amarone, Natural Oak and Black Ash veneer. The source and amplification will be provided by AVM and Bryston.

Also on display the flagship BB5 SE and slightly smaller sibling, the IB2 SE, will show off the rest of the SE range.

Over in Atrium 3.1, room C113, PMC and AVM have joined forces to present the twenty5 series and AVM30 range; two product groups introduced to celebrate the two companies’ and 25th and 30th anniversaries respectively. PMC will be making an official announcment regarding new products it will be distributing in the UK, complementing the Inspiration, Evolution and Ovation ranges. AVM30, which marks 30 years of pure-form sound culture, is based on three legendary AVM classic products from the late 1980s, reimagined and engineered with state-of-the-art technology and a timeless, elegant design.

The five strong, award-winning, PMC twenty5 series, used to partner the AVM30, features a multitude of innovations, including a key development achieved as a result of research into aerodynamics originally conducted for PMC’s flagship studio monitors, the QB1 - the reference at the world famous Capitol Studios, LA.  In keeping with all PMC products, the foundation of the twenty5 series is Advanced Transmission Line bass loading, which has been radically improved and enhanced with the new Laminair vent technology. As with motor racing, from where Oliver Thomas, PMC’s head of design, gained his knowledge of aerodynamics, the aim is to reduce turbulence and drag, which reduces resistance and increases efficiency. The result is the Laminair aerodynamic vent, which creates a smooth laminar airflow as it exits the line. The audible effects are obvious with a faster, higher definition bass with accurate timing and dynamics, without unwanted air noise.

Visit PMC in Atrium 4.1 room F123 and Atrium 3.1, room C113