The Clarity of PMC Monitors Helps Felix Klostermann Speed Up His Workflow

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Felix Klostermann

German producer Felix Klostermann is delighted with his switch to PMC studio monitoring, stating that it has made his workflow much faster by reducing the number of changes he needs to make to projects.

Based in Berlin where he has a 16-track studio specifically set up for mixing projects, Klostermann says: “I have installed a pair of PMC MB2 passive monitors and I am very happy with them. The reduced processing due to the passive crossovers just feels right and I can now mix projects very quickly with fewer revision, which is astounding.”

As well as tackling assisted mixing projects for other artists, Klostermann is also the editor and author of online magazine and uses his studio to review a wide range of recording and MI products.

“My studio is built around an SSL Matric and Maselec MTC, with a large collection of high end outboard equipment,” he says. “I also own a lot of drum machines and some vintage synths. Having the PMC MB2 system has really helped with my reviewing work as I can now do quick demo mixes for YouTube that are just on point. With these reviews, there is no possibility of revisions but thanks to the clarity of my PMC monitors I feel very confident with my one-take-mixes and have no need to check them on another pair of speakers or system.”

Klostermann, who bought his PMC monitors through the company’s German distributor CMA, says he is now very happy with his studio set up and is busy working on a variety of projects, including mixing his own music that he hopes to release in 2020.

“I’ve got everything I need,” he says, “but if had one wish for the future it would be for a bigger room – and even bigger PMC monitors!”