When designing the fact crossover, the value of the capacitors was first calculated, and then the best-sounding example – chosen from many different manufacturers – was selected.

Upon delivery, each capacitor is tested to ensure it matches the required specifications and a record of the measurement results are kept. Pairs of capacitors with identical specifications are used in each pair of loudspeakers, ensuring that their characteristics are indistinguishable.

The capacitors are then soldered, bonded and anchored by hand onto the military-grade crossover circuit board, which is also individually inspected and tested.

The crossover can then be considered for installation, but only after its performance characteristics are approved following both critical listening tests and exacting computerised measurements.

But it’s not just capacitors and crossovers; every single component of PMC’s fact loudspeakers is subject to the same rigorous test procedures, ensuring that each loudspeaker is a precise replica of our reference.

This holistic approach, where all design elements are treated with the same significance, is a signature of the fact’s design excellence. This guarantees supreme power handling and ultra-low distortion, both of which play a major role in the exceptional clarity and wide, three-dimensional soundstage to be enjoyed across a wide listening area.