To create the perfect cabinet, one that pleases both the eye and the ear, requires a partnership forged from cutting-edge, computer-controlled machining and an intimate knowledge of traditional craftsmanship and materials.

Structural integrity and accuracy are the most crucial elements when making any loudspeaker enclosure, and with PMC’s holistic design approach every element has been considered to enhance performance. Forming both the cabinet and housing the sophisticated ATL™(Advanced Transmission Line) are precision machined panels of highly specified HDF material, some as much as 40mm thick. With the consumer veneered models, they are prepared both inside and out with veneer that guarantees their stability and long life. 

The accuracy of the joints, together with modern bonding agents creates one homogeneous, flawless structure that acts as the ideal, inert platform for the drive units to deliver pure, uncoloured audio.

Leaves of the world’s premium veneers, all sourced from sustainable forests, are hand-selected and matched so that each cabinet face appears as a perfect mirror image. They are finished with a delicate lacquer to give a faultless, deep and lustrous sheen that will compliment both modern décor and fine, classical furniture.