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AVForums It might look elegant but the twenty5.21 packs a hefty punch twenty5.21 Ed Selley 08/02/2017
Hi-Fi Choice Solid air twenty5.21 Ed Selley 08/02/2017 PMC twenty5.23 twenty5.23 Jason Kennedy 11/01/2017
Haute Fidelite As optimised as F1! twenty5.26 Philippe David 14/12/2016
What Hi-Fi Compact floorstanders take a big step forward twenty5.23 Staff 18/10/2016
What Hi-Fi Their secret's in the Formula twenty5.22 Staff 18/10/2016
Stereo - Issue 33 Miss Twiggy twenty5.23 Michael Lang 13/09/2016
What HiFi An Immersive 5.1 sound bubble twenty.sub Staff 06/06/2016
What HiFi An Immersive 5.1 sound bubble twenty.23 Staff 03/06/2016
What HiFi An Immersive 5.1 sound bubble twenty.C Staff 03/06/2016
Hi-Fi+ PMC twotwo.6 active loudspeaker twotwo.6 Jason Kennedy 11/12/2015
Sound on Sound PMC twotwo sub1 twotwo sub1 Hugh Robjohns 30/11/2015
Stereo Was für eine Nase twenty.26 Michael Lang 30/11/2015
HiFi Wigwam PMC Twenty.26 Floorstanding Speaker twenty.26 Jason Kennedy 11/11/2015
Hi-Fi Review - HK Best buy of the year 2015 twenty.23 Staff 08/10/2015