The Ultimate Fact

The Ultimate Fact

fact.12 review in HiFi Critic

"...a fine soundstage, very good depth and transparency, and an even extended frequency response"

"Close your eyes and it is easy to imagine a larger and more costly design"

"It demonstrated very good midrange articulation, like seeing through a clean window, with notable absence of veiling… and lots of micro detail…"

"There is no sense of heaviness or overhang; piano has great harmonic richness and complexity, yet also sounded crisp and quick"

"…the bass and treble controls…I found them both effective and useful"

"…so genuinely informative of the sounds of real musical instruments, will remain in the memory, and taken overall wins this attractive and versatile speaker an Audio Excellence award"

Review Publication: 
HiFi Critic
Review Author: 
Martin Colloms
Review Date: 
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
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