PMC twotwo.6 active loudspeaker

PMC twotwo.6 active loudspeaker

twotwo.6 review in hi-fi+ magazine

Interesting to see how one of the world’s top professional monitors is viewed by the leading HiFi critics. Pretty well by the comments:

“ …you hear something far closer to what was heard by the producer and artist(s) in the studio…”

“…good recordings sound absolutely blinding.”

“You get the warmth of the high resolution recording and the depth of tone in voices and instruments.”

“…this is a very fine loudspeakers…”

“…those interesting in hearing more precisely how their favourite music was made will find them addictive.”

“…the clarity these speakers bring to the occasion makes the nuances of emotional and artistic expression that much easier to appreciate.”

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Jason Kennedy
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Friday, December 11, 2015
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