PMC twotwo sub1

PMC twotwo sub1

twotwo sub1 review in Sound on Sound

The reviewer Hugh Robjohns, who has heard pretty much every monitor on the market, ran the compact active sub through its paces with a pair of twotwo.5’s in a 2.1 configuration. He was bowled over by the results and his comments include:

"I was very impressed with the overall integration, and the twotwo system sounded very close to a conventional three-way system, rather than a typical 2.1 array.""

"Quality-wise, I have absolutely no complaints"

"It is an excellent design with a performance and versatility that certainly justify the relatively high cost."

"There are plenty of self-powered subwoofers on the market, but few match the ultralow-distortion, high power, and musicality of these latest PMC designs."

Review Publication: 
Sound on Sound
Review Author: 
Hugh Robjohns
Review Date: 
Monday, November 30, 2015
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