PMC twenty5.26i

PMC twenty5.26i

"The result was tremendously open and rhythmically clearcut, the timing on these PMCs is spot on which makes for a very engaging listening experience."

"I love the bass girth they produce with Bob Marley’s Natural Mystic too, it’s rock solid with real shape in the bass line and monster drops in the background. This speaker goes low, very low even without a muscle amp at the helm.

"There seemed to be more character than usual in a Brendell piano piece too, the nature of the recording was as clear as the virtuosity of the playing."

"The twenty5.26i is both extremely revealing and musically addictive, the combination of ease and transparency means you can listen to anything at pretty well any level and it’s enthralling."

"The twenty25.26i is a speaker I could quite easily live with thanks to a fabulous combination of transparency and musical engagement. My music is just more thrilling and enjoyable in its hands than it is with an awful lot of speakers, and while it’s big enough to produce serious bass it’s not so big as to dominate the room. The twenty5.26i needs careful partnering in both source and amplification departments which is always the case with a revealing loudspeaker, but get those right and it’s a very hard act to beat."

Review Publication: 
The Ear
Review Author: 
Jason Kennedy
Review Date: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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