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Mixing Tool

Studio Magazin twotwo.6 review

"In my personal opinion, the twotwo.6 is a very good mixing tool! It eliminates any second guessing and helps making quick and informed decisions in the mix. Leveling the vocals e.g. becomes a breeze….“

"Even signals panned close to the phantom center could be localized absolute exactly. The stereoimage was clear and focused in every detail, the signals didn´t stick to the speakers."

"With a response down to 40Hz one can definitely use the twotwo.6 as a fullrange monitor without an additional subwoofer…."

"… Yet again, spending a little more money upfront is absolutely worth it. Not having to constantly compare and change your mixing and production decisions on several speaker pairs for a reference brings confidence to your workflow. This tedious practice simply becomes superfluous with the twotwo.6!"

Review Publication: 
Studiomagazin (GER)
Review Author: 
Fritz Fey
Review Date: 
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
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