The fact fenestria

The fact fenestria

The fact fenestria review
"It is the most transparent and even handed loudspeaker I have used in over thirty years of reviewing."
"The fenestria combines astonishing transparency with total musical cohesion, you get the micro detail, the dynamics and the thunder and you get a connection with the artist that is very rare indeed."
"...the fenestria produces so little distortion that it makes most other loudspeakers seem crude by comparison."
"The fenestria does everything to a remarkable standard but it clearly excels in key areas such as evenness of balance at all volume levels, or linearity for short"

"...despite decades of listening to high end speakers and systems these PMCs unveil details that just weren’t there before, this was clear time and again, and when others came to listen they said the same thing about tracks they thought they knew inside out."

"...the fenestria are a very hard act to beat."

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Review Publication: 
The Ear
Review Author: 
Jason Kennedy
Review Date: 
Wednesday, November 24, 2021
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