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Never before has a speaker like the result6 been possible. Advances in software modeling and laser measurement have enabled our design team to produce superb quality at an unprecedented price. The result6 is an all-analog, minimalist studio monitor that portrays the same vivid realism and depth of all PMC speaker systems, only at a price the aspiring record maker can reach.
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  • 6.5" Woofer / 100W Amp
  • 1" Tweeter / 65W Amp
  • 45Hz-22kHz response
  • Effective ATL™ length of 5 ft
  • Sweet spot-widening D-Fins™
  • 360º silicone decoupling bands
  • Analog XLR inputs
  • Trim control

Advanced Transmission Line

The ATL™ transmission line functions as a built-in subwoofer. The labyrinth inside the cabinet is shaped and dampened to produce even and coherent bass extension. This painstaking effort allows the bass driver to operate more efficiently and with less distortion. Although the result6 is a two-way design, it gives the impression of a three-way characterized by low end that's dynamic, focused, and musical.

The revolutionary D-Fins prevent boundary effect waves from disrupting the direct signal emanating from the tweeter.
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Also, the outer contour of the fins scatters the inbound energy thereby widening the "sweet spot”.

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