The MB2S is perfect for mid sized control rooms either soffit mounted or on its custom studio stands. The MB2S allows higher SPL’s without distortion and loss of definition normally associated with a device of its size. The distinctive MB2S includes the PMC 75 mid driver that has taken the limits of soft dome design and construction to its ultimate conclusion.

The Radial™ low frequency driver allows massive controlled excursions and avoids the effects of power compression, by cooling via its cast alloy exo-skeleton and new rear vented magnet.

As with all PMC models there is matching low profile centre channels (MB2S-C) and subwoofers for use in surround configuration (XB2S).

You can find the MB2S in the following studios Advantage Audio.

Customer Reviews

"Best sound I ever heard. The MB2S are God. No time for ear accomodation needed"
Mr V, Barcelona
"The sound they give you is the real deal. You’ll hear everything, so mixing is very quick and easy, which is a must in our business where speed of turnaround is important. Our PMC speakers allow us to make correct decisions for our clients – they really are awesome. I’d say to anyone thinking about new speakers, try PMC because you and your clients will be impressed."
Anthony Timmers, Owner of Capital of Media,
"Tthese MB2S are a great improvement over my MB1. I use them every day for mastering. thanks & greetings. "
Mr K, Frankfurt
"MB2 series: outstanding scale, definition and accuracy. "
Mr F, Hamburg
"“The PMC’s give us the detail, imaging and bass response we have been wanting for a long time."
Mr P, London


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PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

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