The result6 provides an introduction to PMC and the huge benefits of ATLatl result technology, the proprietary bass-loading system at the heart of all our designs. This active two-way reference monitor offers all the attributes for which PMC is world-renowned: high resolution and detail, accurate, extended bass, consistent tonal balance at all levels, and wide dispersionwide dispersion and sweet spot. With an emphasis on elegant simplicity, this is a compact nearfield that allows you to work faster and more confidently.
There are no overly complex DSP-based user options or room profiles; instead, the result6 achieves its characteristically neutral, dependable PMC reference sound solely on the strength of its engineering. Honed to the fundamentals of our design philosophy, it’s devoted to getting you the best sounding results in the shortest possible time.

The distinctive, finned HF driver surround on the result6 are known as D-Finsd-fins and they deliver major sonic benefits by widening the stereo sweet spot . The result is an excellent off axis response over a wider area. The D-Finsd-fins also eradicate the cabinet edge effects, ensuring high-frequency sound remains razor-sharp and unsmeared.
You can change your listening position as you work without adversely affecting what you hear, and that the frequency response remains flat and natural-sounding.
With twin low-distortion, (HF 65W, LF 100W) amps, ATL™ bass loading and a plethora major innovations the result6 lets you achieve exactly what you need, quicker.

Customer Reviews

"I love this Speakers !!!!!"
Mr E, Rehovot
"Just registering them today will be placing them in the studio later today and taking them through their paces."
Mr I, Nashville
"I love the fast respons, I can hear everything in detail. Im truly amazed about that I can hear the ambience and acoustic where everything in the mix is placed and or recorded. For me the best near fields I heard in a long time. Lars Florijn"
Mr L, Arnhem
"Tell Maurice that Matt Davis sold me on a pair! Can't wait to own IB2S in the future but this will suffice for the time being"
Mr S, Orlando
"Since one of the amps of my old TB2Sa's needed replacement, I instead decided to "upgrade" to the Result6, as I've read that these are sometimes being seen as the TB2Sa's successor. My first impression is that they have a more detailed and flat response over the whole sound spectrum (while they still need to complete their running in time). I am very happy with them and can't wait get to use them to their full potential on sound design, mix downs etc here once they've been properly run in. Best regards, Robin Kampschoer"
Mr R, Lelystad


ATL Tecnology


  • Greater detail & more natural
  • A full, rich sound at any volume level
  • Deeper bass from a smaller cabinet

The source of PMC’s legendary natural, realistic sound is the Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading technology, professionally proven all around the world.

ATL uses energy generated by the bass unit in a much more intelligent, efficient way than speaker designs based on ported or sealed boxes.

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ATL Tecnology