The IB1S-AIII offers reference level quality monitoring in a 3-way plug and play design. It is the ideal monitoring solution for discerning and highly critical professionals in small to medium sized control rooms for all applications including; recording, mixing, broadcast and post-production/mastering applications. No matter the material, whether it is the subtleties of vocal harmonies, strings, or extreme bottom end, their signature transparency and accuracy means that all critical decisions can be made instantly with complete confidence.

Precision soft dome HF & MF drivers provide ultra-high definition and an extremely wide, natural dispersion creating a vivid soundstage over a vast listening area and with PMC’s ATL bass loading technology teamed with its 10” carbon fibre LF piston driver provides identical dynamics and deep defined bass at all monitoring levels.

Customer Reviews

"PMC Speakers are the benchmark in reference monitoring for our studio and record company. The consistency of the sonic signature across the entire product range ensures judgements made in one room are dependable, and will accurately translate to other listening environments."
Mr T, Nashville
"Great sounding professional monitor and great value for the money!"
Mr K, New York
"Les meilleurs moniteurs que j'ai jamais eu!"
Mr Y, Le Roeulx
"I first heard large PMC monitors when mastering an album in 2004, and I never forgot the experience. I walked away thinking "someday I will own those monitors." It took 15 years, and now that I have them, it's like I'm rediscovering music for the first time. I can't stop listening to everything I love - it's like I'm hearing it for the first time, but without blinders on. It's just unlike anything I've ever heard before, and I will be inviting all my clients and peers to come listen in my studio!"
Mr J, Spring Hill
"Wonderful speakers. Such a flat, natural, uncoloured sound. Such definition and clarity. Such perfect stereo imaging. Bravo."
Mr P, Wooburn Green
"The Speakers and the stands are simply amazing. Maurice did a spectacular job setting them up and I'll never go to another brand of speakers. PMC is simply the best. Many many thanks!"
Mr G, Los Angeles


ATL Tecnology

PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

ATL Tecnology