The wafer 1™ is the more compact of the two models in the range, best suited to installations where a discreet and elegant look is all-important, but quality of audio reproduction remains paramount. The wafer1 is an ideal accompaniment to latest in high-resolution visual displays to create a supreme cinema experience, or a compact yet high performance stereo system.

The proof of the wafer 1's ability to relay the true essence of the music is found not only in its reviews but also in its various professional guises, where it is relied upon by leading studios and broadcasters such as BBC Broadcasting House, three of BBC Cardiff’s main post production 5.1 dubbing suites, BBC Mailbox 5.1 Dubbing Suite.

The wafer™ series offers true reference quality sound with the aid of the following innovations:

TT Technology™
Stealth Baffle™
H-Line ATL™

Keith Tonge presents the PMC wafer1™ & wafer2™ stylish yet discreet on wall loudspeakers, and the revolutionary wafer-iw™ counterparts at the Cedia Expo 08’ from AV Forums on Vimeo.

Customer Reviews

"They look fantastic and dispite the simple looking tweeters and simple impression they gave me at first they play music fantastic and whith the frontcovers on they look the part to. Like my question befor I wonder IF there is a paint or printing teknik that I could get a painter friend of mine to put inte of his work on the fronts. I and my very picky wife are very happy with pur Wafer1’s Best regard Daniel"
Mr D, Gothenburg
"Excellent sound quality when used with a Sonos amp. Fairly easy to install too."
Mr R, Southam
"After looking at many types of speaker I choose these PMC wafers.I love the quality and the sound of these speakers. "
Mr H, Kent


ATL Tecnology

PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

ATL Tecnology
Get access to the most powerful cinema design tool available. The Cedia Designer (TCD) is a cloud-based design tool. It allows home cinema professionals to design Any dedicated cinema or media room in minutes using any one of PMC’s products.