The flagship twenty5.26i is the largest in the range and features a third driver dedicated to the all-important mid frequencies, where the critical detail is to be found in vocal recordings.

PMC is respected worldwide for its soft-dome mid-range drivers, and the flagship twenty5.26i, the largest in the range, features a third driver dedicated to the all-important mid frequencies, where the critical detail is to be found in vocal recordings. The three-way design ensures that each important frequency range has its own dedicated driver, so that the speaker can fill even the largest spaces with absolute transparency and clarity. This is a sublime speaker that can expand with you as you upgrade your system, and bring out the very best in whatever equipment you connect it to.


    • twenty5.26i
    • Oct'20
    • twenty5.26i
    • Oct'20
    • twenty5.26i
    • The Ear, Nov '20
    • twenty5.26i
    • Dec '20
    • twenty5.26i
    • Dec'21

Customer Reviews

"I just got my speakers two days ago, but I can already tell you that you have made an awesome product. I bought them after reading an article in a Finnish HiFi magazine but I made the right choice."
Mr M, Kaarima
"From twenty 23 to twenty5 24 and now twenty5 26i, it was a journey that I enjoyed thoroughly. As far as speakers concern, this looks like an end game for my quest towards an audio nirvana."
"I have upgraded from the Twenty5.23’s to the Twenty5.26i’s. What a difference! Timing, detail & unbelievable control. Just need to upgrade the rest of my system to realise the full potential. Absolutely delighted."
"... out of the box sounds good, strikingly clear and 'airy', but the 50+ hours are still ahead. So, too soon to say, but I have no doubts that I will be more than pleased."
Mr E, Fribourg
"After 30 years with a Naim nac72 nap140 and Ruark speakers decided to upgrade. A friend has a Linn Akurate system with older PMC speakers which sounded much better than my “legacy” system. Was originally planning to audition twenty5 23i with the Linn amps, but Criterion Audio recommended the 26i speakers to match that quality of amplification. A demonstration left me in no doubt, and after a home audition to make sure they worked in my listening room I signed on the dotted line. Very happy with my choice. A massive improvement- more involving, musical and informative. Just superb."
Mr T, Cambridge
"Long overdue upgrade from the original FB1’s. The soundstage and focus is amazing. Now looking forward to replaying my vinyl collection. Happy days ahead."
Mr A, Maldon Essex


ATL Tecnology


  • Greater detail & more natural
  • A full, rich sound at any volume level
  • Deeper bass from a smaller cabinet

The source of PMC’s legendary natural, realistic sound is the Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading technology, professionally proven all around the world.

ATL uses energy generated by the bass unit in a much more intelligent, efficient way than speaker designs based on ported or sealed boxes.

Find out more here

ATL Tecnology
LaminairTM Tecnology

Our Laminair™ aerodynamic vent technology takes audio performance to the next level.... find out more

LaminairTM Tecnology
Get access to the most powerful cinema design tool available. The Cedia Designer (TCD) is a cloud-based design tool. It allows home cinema professionals to design Any dedicated cinema or media room in minutes using any one of PMC’s products.