Designed aesthetically and acoustically to provide the perfect partner for the other twenty5 series models, the twenty5.C — a bespoke full-range centre loudspeaker — creates consistent, balanced surround soundscapes that completely envelop the listener. With its super-wide, even dispersion, the twenty5.C can be placed high or low without affecting the soundstage, producing smooth, natural-sounding panning effects and rock-solid imaging.

Crafted to deliver the all-important dramatic and emotional impact of movie dialogue with an especial transparency and realism, no matter how complex the surround mix, the twenty5.C features twin g-weave™ mid/bass units, the treble driver designed for the rest of the twenty5 series, and PMC’s proprietary ATL™ and  Laminair™ technologies for controlled, extended bass and an all-encompassing dynamic range. Everything, in short, that a modern movie soundtrack demands.

If you want to experience multichannel audio at its full potential, make sure that your system includes the outstanding twenty5.C centre speaker.

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Customer Reviews

"I own several PMC speakers, 4 TB2i speakers, 2 TB2i centre speakers, 2 TB2 speakers, 2 Fact 03 speakers and TLE1 subwoofer. I wouldn't be buying yet another PMC speaker (this time a 5c speaker), if I didn't like them. The only issue I have is trying to hide all these speakers away from the wife's sight!"
"These speakers are very detailed but still maintain a very good overall musicality and soundstage. They are also excellent with home cinema. I'm very pleased with your product and they also look good in my lounge."
Mr F, Rakaia
"Again, a great product - matches my Twenty5.22 bookshelves perfectly. Really made centre imaging a lot more focused and rich, I was actually quite surprised just how large a difference it made."
Mr T, Gymea NSW
"After owning this Center for one week we decided to get the Twenty5.21 speakers to go with it, overall very satisfied the Center has a worm sound which is what we were after and combined with the Twenty5.21 using as front mains they integrate very well giving a well balanced sound can’t fault the build quality."
Mr M, Canvey Island
"I recently purchased a pair of PMC Twenty5.23 speakers which are being powered by an Arcam AVR850. They are the finest speakers I have ever owned and the sound is balanced, tight, never shrill, beautiful, lush, velvet and pure. Since buying the 25.23 speakers, I have craved for the PMC 25c centre speaker so that the tone matches right across my front speakers. Today I bought a PMC 25c and the sound is just as wonderful, and that is before running them in. My dealer lent me a pair of 25.21 speakers that I am using as surrounds and they are definitely next on my shopping list. Why? Because I want the best. Until owning and using PMC speakers I hadn't realised what the meaning of "true hi-fi" is or just how good it can be. Now I have discovered PMC, I kick myself that I did not invest in their products earlier as I have at last found audio nirvana and I cannot ever see myself ever using speakers from another company. These speakers are, literally "music to my ears". I could not be more happy, and now my PMC 25c is here, the sound is even more smooth and perfect. Bliss."
Mr J, Bishop's Stortford
"I've just added the twenty5.C to my already loved twenty5.24'. All these speakers look amazing and sound so good I can't believe it's taken me 20 years to realise what I've been missing out on. All these speakers sounds great no matter what level you listen at. The bass extension of the twenty5.24 is mind blowing, even at low levels. The mid and top end is extremely clear and free from any harshness. Build quality is also of the highest order and the 20 year warranty proves PMC have built these to last. One seriously happy owner."
Mr M, Enfield


ATL Tecnology

PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

ATL Tecnology