BB5 XBD-A SE (Active)

The twin-cabinet, pure analogue BB5 XBD-Active, with its distinctive 15-inch Radial™ drivers, features a vast reservoir of separately housed power amplification - more than 2400W per channel - with 3dB of extra low-frequency headroom compared to the single-cabinet BB5, and a bass response that goes down to an awe-inspiring 17Hz, making for a wider frequency range than any other speaker we manufacture. The ultra-clean highs are provided by PMC’s 34mm high-frequency driver and the signature mid-range from the hand-crafted 75mm mid-range dome driver, so microscopic details are well and truly catered for.

PMC’s active designs take loudspeakers to another level; the amplification is precisely tailored to the specific designs and power requirements of the speaker, and is directly coupled to the drive units for superior control and a more efficient transfer of energy. This increases headroom and resolution, improves transient performance, and produces a more life-like, natural-sounding and more powerful speaker. Active systems can also be adjusted to suit customer taste and the individual listening environment by means of frequency controls - and to guarantee optimum performance in situ, they are always tuned by our factory-trained installation engineers.


ATL Tecnology

PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

ATL Tecnology