The pinnacle of the legendary twenty series, the twenty.26 features the same traits as its siblings - finesse, delicacy and musicality - but with an added ability to convey huge dynamic impact and the sheer scale of a musical performance, it can engulf the largest room. This exceptional, well thought out design will excel with a vast array of amplification due to its ease of drive and well-tempered balance, and its transparency ensures that users improving other elements of their signal path will appreciate the full benefit of their upgrades. This is a model that takes every musical style in its stride, and delivers the greatest level of overall clarity of any of the twenty series, or indeed of any speaker in this class.


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    • twenty.26
    • May '14
    • twenty.26
    • June '14

Customer Reviews

"So far, so good. Still warming up!"
"I have lived with the .26's for two years now and have not a single word against them. They deliver a natural, detailed, sophisticated sound which allows the layers of sound to breathe and be heard as it should be. Love them."
Mr M, Kemsing
"Just a tremendous pair of speakers. The long quest for the perfect hi-fi has finally arrived. BEASTS! :-)"
Mr J, Bristol
"Feliz con mis Twenty.26. Gran sonido, contundencia, claridad sin saturación de los bajos, detalles de las grabaciones comenzaron a aparecer, se pueden pasar horas escuchándolos y no te cansan. Hermoso diseño pero imponente. Líneas sobrias. Su inclinación en la vertical le da un toque novedoso. No me canso de mirarlos todas las noches. Gran y cómodo detalle la rejilla magnética frontal y las protecciones de los drivers. En fin, creo que cuando pueda actualizar los amplificadores, obtendré un sonido mejor que el actual. Twenty.26, totalmente recomendable. Gracias PMC por revivir la música de mis grabaciones. // Happy with my Twenty.26. Great sound, forcefulness, clarity without saturation of the basses, details of the recordings began to appear, you can spend hours listening to them and they do not tire you. Beautiful design but imposing. Sober lines. Its inclination in the vertical gives it a novel touch. I never tire of looking at them every night. Great and comfortable detail the front magnetic grille and the protections of the drivers. Anyway, I think that when I can update the amplifiers, I will get a better sound than the current one. Twenty.26, totally recommendable. Thank you PMC for reliving the music of my recordings."
Mr F, Santiago
"Although only used for a few days already appreciating a big step up from my traded in Twenty 24s. Much cleaner and deeper base and of course, better mid range, great improvement in overall balance as well i.e. appear to present the sound stage much more clearer and uniformly. Well pleased so far, struggling to get anything else done!"
Mr P, Kettering
"Only a few hours in so its early days but had a few wow moments already. Looking forward to them opening further over the next few weeks."
Mr N, Bolton


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PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

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