The TB2i shares many of the remarkable attributes and awards of its smaller brother, the DB1i, in a larger stand mounted form. With its new PMC designed 6½ inch bass unit it allows for higher volume levels, increased bass extension and dynamics, making it suited to both large and small listening rooms. It has the same tonal balance and wide dispersion characteristics, as with all PMC designs, providing a room filling audio picture outstanding for both stereo and surround configurations.

The combination of size, ease of drive and performance has made the TB2i a favourite amongst not only audiophile but premier broadcasters such as the BBC TV & radio, ITV, BSkyB® and Formula One™ racing. The TB2i resolves information as a perfect professional monitor should and presents it with grip and speed. In short, they ‘rock'.

Customer Reviews

"I am totally happy with these speaker. They really create a mind blowing movie experience. "
Mr M, Wandsworth
" I spent a great deal of time travelling around listening to various speakers, which started to become confusing until i listened to the TB2i. I found them great value for money and they sounded wonderful."
Mr ,
"Sorry, but these speakers look good and sound fabulous! Thank you for such a wonderful speaker "
Mr G, Canada
"Having saved up quite some time, I'm really delighted "
Mr M, London
"I've now had my TB2is for a few months and they are still surprising me with the great noises they make - very natural :) I'm still godsmacked at the bass these relatively small boxes produce in what is quite a large room. "
Mr P, Bath


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