The OB1i is the first floorstanding model to employ three precision drivers and a sophisticated hand built 24dB per octave crossover. These factors create a major step up in performance with improved resolution in all areas.

The most noticeable feature of the OB1i is the complement of three precision drive units. Between the new PMC/SEAS® developed SONOLEX™ tweeter and PMC’s unique bass unit sits the dedicated 75mm soft dome mid-range, housed in its own acoustically isolated enclosure. This professionally proven drive unit produces a wholly transparent mid range creating clarity of vocal that is truly tangible. The increase in bass definition derives from the stiffer piston-like woofer and upgraded ATL™. The bass attack is immediate and packs a dynamic punch.

Feeding the three precision drive units of the quality found in the OB1i requires a very sophisticated crossover. Therefore, it features a hugely engineered network with ultra steep roll-off curves (24dB/octave) which guarantees high power handling and a supreme natural in-room response.

To guarantee the optimum function of all the featured components the cabinet has been engineered from 18mm and 25mm ultra high density Medite™. This not only creates a highly stable enclosure, but also eliminates cabinet flex and colouration.

As with all PMC designs the OB1i is efficient and can be driven with modestly powered amplification but will excel with more exotic source equipment and is equally at home in medium, and larger open plan rooms.

Customer Reviews

"My OB1i speakers deliver great sound and have provided many hours of listening pleasure, mostly with classical music."
Mr J, Burjassot
"PMC's are as close to neutral as i've heard. So much so that i would say that they are the "base" for others to measure by. I find them extremely natural and not fatiguing."
Mr ,
"Directly from the box I was surprised how good they sounded, the future looks really bright!! 
Thanks Phil and of course all the rest as well!! "
Mr .H, Stockholm
"Fantastic - detailed, uncoloured and punchy sound. You get the feeling this is what the music really sounded like in the studio. Great veneer finish. I compared these to the new 24s and it was a close thing which is a tribute to the 24s. "
Mr G, Longstowe
"Just up and running but first impressions are truly excellent....Well done on a superb product. "
Mr M, Londonderry
"These are the first speakers I have ever heard that produce a really holographic sound image. I am 82 years old and have been interested in obtaining the most realistic sound from sytems for about 40 years! These speakers have done just that! "
Mr M, . M


ATL Tecnology


  • Greater detail & more natural
  • A full, rich sound at any volume level
  • Deeper bass from a smaller cabinet

The source of PMC’s legendary natural, realistic sound is the Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading technology, professionally proven all around the world.

ATL uses energy generated by the bass unit in a much more intelligent, efficient way than speaker designs based on ported or sealed boxes.

Find out more here

ATL Tecnology
LaminairTM Tecnology

Our Laminair™ aerodynamic vent technology takes audio performance to the next level.... find out more

LaminairTM Tecnology
Get access to the most powerful cinema design tool available. The Cedia Designer (TCD) is a cloud-based design tool. It allows home cinema professionals to design Any dedicated cinema or media room in minutes using any one of PMC’s products.