PMC has extended its range of compact self-powered monitors with the 'activated' IB1S-A midfield and SB100-A subwoofer, which add 200W of amplification to the passive IB1S and SB100. The new activated monitors may be purchased off-the-shelf or by retrofitting a compact power module to the existing IB1S and SB100 speakers.

The new IB1S-A and SB100-A models add PMC's 200W DS-001 Class D power amp to the rear plate of the monitors, housed in the new vented DS-MODULE-001. The result is a monitor that offers engineers and producers the controlled handling and sheer power of active models, but in a compact, plug-and-play package that does away with the need for inconvenient cabling and physically separate power amps that take up more rack space. Designed for PMC's target market of 'highly critical professionals in medium-sized control rooms', the new activated monitors are aimed at recording, broadcast, and film and video post-production/mastering applications. The activated models will be of particular benefit in smaller studios and in Outside Broadcast vehicles, where rack space is at a premium.

Current users of passive IB1S/SB100 combinations needn't lose out as a result of this new launch. The DS-MODULE-001 may be purchased separately and retrofitted in a matter of minutes to the passive monitors and/or subwoofer by means of six bolts on the monitors' existing back panels — and retrofitted IB1S-As and SB100-As have exactly the same performance and specification as off-the-shelf models. The DS-MODULE-001 may be added to horizontally or vertically orientated speakers, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease of use with all monitors in surround arrays, including centre-channel speakers and subwoofers. The activated models are available in 100-115V or 230V versions, and audio input is via professional XLR connectors, with outputs on Neutrik® SpeakON NL4s or 4mm banana plugs.

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