Performance Check

The PMC Performance Check is an exclusive service for our UK customers who need their PMC, AVM or Bryston electronics professionally examined and serviced by PMC’s trained engineers. 
Ideal for UK customers who wish to keep their prized electronics in optimum condition, have purchased or are selling second hand products or are thinking of selling their equipment. The performance check offers you peace of mind as it covers key areas that can aid the electronics performance and deliver the ultimate audio experience. 
Covered during the examination:
  • Removal of internal dust and obstructions
  • Visual inspection for suspected component degradation
  • Switches, potentiometers and internal contacts cleaned
  • Relay functionality
  • Capacitor condition
  • Wiring loom integrity
  • Terminal, casework, general component and transformer fixings are all secure
  • External inspection and clean
  • Certificate of Authenticity on completion of the examination
  • Return Shipping
The Performance Check is only £99 including VAT.
How to book your Performance Check
Step One
If you are in the UK complete the online Service Request form making sure you select ‘Performance Check’
Step Two
Print paper work and address label in email confirmation
Step Three
Ensure your product is securely packaged with sufficient packaging and include necessary paperwork.
Step Four
Arrange shipping to PMC 
Alternatively, you can arrange for a Performance Check by calling 01767 666089 (fees may apply)
Book now, via the Service Request From below
Do I qualify for a PMC Performance Check?
This service is currently available to UK customers of PMC, Bryston or AVM electronic products purchased in the UK. Please note this currently does not include speakers. 
Products do not need to be under warranty to qualify
Undertaking does not affect your warranty 
Currently this service is only available to residents of the UK.
The PMC Performance Check makes maintaining you PMC, AVM or Bryston electronics simple as possible, whilst giving you the confidence that your product is in the hands of experts.
Fixed price maintenance tariffs may be withdrawn or varied at any time. For Full terms and conditions please visit