Soundstage Hi-Fi Becomes SE Series Retailer

Monday, December 13, 2021

London based hi-fi retailer Soundstage Hi-Fi has joined the ranks of the exclusive PMC SE Series stockists. These flagship products have their roots in the famous three-way reference monitors, IB2, MB2 and BB5, that are to be found in the most prestigious recording studios across the world.

Combining the very best of British cabinet-making and PMC’s cutting edge acoustic research, the SE Series bring new levels of music reproduction to audiophiles.

Dean Butt, owner of Soundstage, was very keen to install the SE Series and make them available to his customer base, “We chose the SE Series because we wanted to offer our customers the best possible sound quality, a range of speakers that can truly recreate the scale of a live experience, with effortless dynamics and musicality.”

Now installed in the demo room and partnered with high-end British electronics and a vinyl playback system, the MB2SE has really delivered for the shop staff and customers alike. As Dean puts it, “PMC speakers such as the MB2SE can do it all, accurate and dynamic, with the Advance Transmission Line design work very well in rooms that would be regarded as much too small for large ported or infinite baffle designs. They are capable of producing a scale and realism that simply cannot be recreated by a bookshelf or regular floorstander. While capable of delivering exceptional clarity and phenomenal bass detail at higher volume levels, they are still engaging at lower listening levels.”

A visit to any one of our SE retailers around the world is a must for any serious audiophile. It is easy hear why the SE models achieve new standards in audiophile reproduction and musicality.

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soundstage hifi
soundstage hifi