PMC Tour of Far East Highlights Significant Development in Hi-Fi Sector

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peter Thomas with Richcoln’s sales Team

A tour of the Far East by PMC founder and chief designer Peter Thomas recently, highlighted the tremendous growth and development in the region’s hi-fi sector.  Marking the company’s 20th anniversary this year with a series of PMC master classes to international distributors and retailers, Peter toured Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shenzen and Guangzhou in China, and Taiwan.  He attended the opening of significant new centres of excellence for hi-fi that epitomise the considerable high value opportunity the region is enjoying, and the outstanding support the PMC brand is receiving.

PMC’s Hong Kong distributor Richcoln invited Peter Thomas to the opening of its new home theatre demonstration facility.  He introduced PMC’s history and technology to a packed showroom of the region’s media, and presented Richcoln’s managing director, Mr Thomas Yu, with a certificate confirming the home theatre specialist’s expertise in achieving PMC’s exacting reference standards.

Thomas Yu commented:  “This was a timely opportunity to promote the high performance benefits of PMC speakers and to open the doors of our new showroom to the country’s media.  It was a win-win situation.”

An Award of Excellence was also presented to AV Designs at the opening of its new flagship showroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Peter Thomas gave a presentation to attending journalists on speaker design philosophy, hi-fi and music in general.  The state-of-the-art demo facility features PMC’s MB2 Active and MB2-XBD Active loudspeakers, Wafers and TLE1 subwoofers as well as Bryston power amps and crossover units.

James Tan, managing director of AV Designs, says:  “The demo facility has been carefully designed to provide the optimum acoustic treatment and both the PMC speakers and Bryston products demonstrated perfectly why they are much sought after for their clarity, accuracy and power.”

Jadex is PMC's longest serving distributor, based in Taiwan.  Peter met with several retailers and members of the press to present PMC’s PB1i Signature.

He also visited two high-end private users of PMC's Active speakers, installed in home theatre/listening rooms, one of which is the largest PMC Active rig ever installed in a residential environment (a 7.1 BB5-XBD-A System).

Summing up the tour, Peter Thomas was ecstatic about the reception he had received and, importantly, by the reaction to the PMC brand in the Far East:  “My 20th anniversary visit has solidified in my mind the overwhelming opportunity for high quality hi-fi and PMC, in particular, in this and other regions.  I’ve been blown away by the attention to detail and accuracy that PMC distributors and retailers are paying to our products and to the audio sector.  It’s been a privilege to be a part of its evolution.”