PMC introduces the AVM30 range to the UK

Friday, May 19, 2017

PMC introduces the AVM30 range to the UK

PMC and AVM launch the AVM30 entry-level electronics range to the UK market, bringing the highly cherished AVM quality to a wider audience.

The two companies have joined forces to present the AVM PMC room at the show, providing show visitors with the opportunity to experience the range and PMC’s twenty5 series; ranges launched to celebrate the two companies’ 30th and 25th anniversaries respectively and products that work perfectly together.

AVM30 was launched in Germany in 2016 as a limited edition range celebrating AVM’s 30th aniversary. The reaction to it was nothing short of superb, leading the company to make the decision to launch globally in the Autumn of 2017. AVM30, which marks 30 years of pure-form sound culture, is based on three legendary AVM classic products from the late 1980s, reimagined and engineered with state-of-the-art technology and a timeless, elegant design.

The A30 integrated amplifier draws on the heritage of its legendary predecessor, the AVM A2. It takes the direct double-mono setup from the original and adds modern functions such as digital inputs, plus the latest high resolution Bluetooth standard. Likewise, AVM has incorporated many innovations from other AVM lines such as the EVOLUTION and the OVATION flagship series in the circuit design.

Like the A30, the V30 pre-amplifier harks back to the V2, but in addition to the first-class MM and MC phono module, it includes functions such as digital SPDIF optical, coaxial and USB  inputs and Bluetooth. Similarly, the circuit design features extensive innovations from the OVATION flagship preamplifier, PA 8. All functions of the V30 are intuitive to operate - and yet it offers extensive adjustment options such as input sensitivity, sound control and home cinema loops.

Adding the power to the range is the M30, a class A/AB mono power amplifier that provides 225 watts of pure amplification. Descended from the M1, M2 and M3, the biggest selling mono power amplifiers from AVM, the M30 has a very special sonic heritage, due to large part from the design groundwork laid by its illustrious forebares.

Joining the AVM30 range and unveiled at High End, is the MP30 Media Player. MP30 is a component for the high-quality playback of virtually all digital music signals, regardless of whether the source is the built-in Pure CD drive, an external network digital source via DLNA and UPnP, a directly connected digital source or a hi-fi streaming service such as TIDAL or Qobuz. Capable of handling high resolution signals of 192kHz/24 bit and DSD64, the MP30 extracts the best from a very wide range of file formats, including: FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, WAV and many others. The MP30’s sibling is the CD30 which focusses on red-book CD Playback and offers additional digital inputs.

Peter Thomas, PMC’s founder and owner, welcomes the addition of the AVM30 range, saying, “The reaction we’ve had from our UK dealers to the AVM products has been extremely encouraging. So much so that when Udo Besser, AVM’s managing director, told me he was going to introduce the AVM30 range globally I knew we had to be closely involved with the launch at the High End Show.” He continues, “Our twenty5 series is the perfect partner to the AVM30 range and it is going to be a real treat for the show visitors to hear these two anniversary product ranges working so beautifully together.”

AVM’s owner & GM Udo Besser adds, “AVM is delighted that PMC will be sharing the launch with us, using the twenty5 series speakers as a perfect match to our AVM30 range. Bringing these two brands together in this way demonstrates how we share philosophies in sound reproduction and design can really enhance the lives of our music loving customers. We’re looking forward to sharing this very special pairing with the High End audience globally.”