PMC at the heart of the vinyl resurgence

Thursday, December 7, 2017

PMC at the heart of the vinyl resurgence

PMC loudspeakers is playing its part in the continuing surge of sales of music on vinyl, as the monitor speakers of choice in so many of the world’s mastering studios where vinyl is cut.

The BPI (British Phonographic Industry), has recently released its predictions for sales of vinyl records over the Christmas period, anticipating that one million additional purchases will be made, bringing the total UK sales for 2017 to around four million. The total represents a 1,472% increase in vinyl sales since 2007.

With many of the world’s leading studios, artists, engineers, producers including the likes of Miles Showell, Wired Masters, Fluid Mastering and The Exchange Mike Marsh Mastering specifying PMC as their speakers of choice, a substantial number of the albums being released on vinyl have been created using our loudspeakers.

Engineers choose to use our speakers to give them a hugely detailed insight into the music they are recording and, during the mastering process, they can make fine adjustments to the sound, safe in the knowledge that the speakers accurately portray the changes they are making. For buyers of vinyl this means the recordings have been crafted with precision and care, to capture the emotional content of the music as the artist intended.