PMC fenestria scoops big award in Taiwan

Friday, February 28, 2020


The ground-breaking fenestria is making waves everywhere it is demonstrated, with the latest accolade coming from the biggest and oldest hi-fi magazine in Taiwan.

At a specially arranged listening session in one of the major hi-fi dealers in the city of Taichung, PMC’s Taiwan distributor, Jadex, invited the editor in chief and his team to criticaly examine fenestria’s performance.

Their verdict? “PMC’s completely new flagship loudspeakers, using F1 technology, has a performance that makes it definitely unbeatable in the price range.”

They duly awarded it their highest accolade (see right).

Drawing heavily on PMC’s professional audio background, which has placed the company at the forefront of music and movie production for nearly 30 years, fenestria is the most significant product launch since the original BB5 – the speaker that launched the brand.

A three-way, ultra-high-resolution passive twin ATL™ loudspeaker, fenestria incorporates all-new, tailor-made drivers, twin Laminair™ vents for improved aerodynamic ATL airflow, plus a newly designed cabinet that houses the treble and mid-range units in an innovative and elegant reflection-free module. The result is at once aesthetically beautiful and highly engineered, conveying the emotion of a musical performance with more subtlety and refinement than any other loudspeaker. Much of fenestria’s five-year design process has focussed on removing the unwanted distortion and colouration introduced by the loudspeaker itself, so that the listener hears nothing but music. For this reason, PMC refer to it as “the loudspeaker you’ll never hear.”

One of the many notable elements of fenestria is the PMC midrange driver, derived from the unit that has achieved legendary status in both hi-fi and pro-audio worlds. The 75mm unit in fenestria is wholly new and takes the midrange performance up to another level, even by PMC’s standards. Its spun aluminium form is acoustically inert and produces no unwanted reflections when mounted in the nest. The result is a stable, pin-sharp image that appears to emanate from the space around the speaker, rather than the drive unit itself.

Peter Thomas is particularly proud of fenestria, “fenestria is the perfect example of our holistic design approach. Our aim was to make the best passive loudspeaker we could, with an open mind when it came to technologies and materials. We looked at all options to achieve the purest, most transparent sound, and fenestria was the result.” He adds, “We are absolutely delighted that this has been recognised with the award from Audio Art in Taiwan. We know fenestria is special, but it is always very satisfying when other people think the same and we thank Mr Jack Liu and his team for bestowing this award upon us.”

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