PMC News

DragonFly with every pair of twenty series

PMC loudspeakers has teamed up with AudioQuest to offer the US cable giant’s Dragonfly USB DAC to all UK purchasers of its acclaimed twenty series free of charge from 1st October until 31st December 2012, giving them a flying start with computer-based audio.

By registering the purchase of their twenty series via the PMC website, UK customers will be able to choose...

twotwo series

PMC announce a new range of powered two-way nearfield monitors at this year's IBC.

The active twotwo series combines PMC’s world-class design pedigree and respected Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass loading technology with sophisticated digital signal processing. The result is a range of premium true reference tools designed for ultra-critical...

London Games 2012

PMC loudspeakers can claim gold for its part in the music of the London games opening and closing ceremonies, with many of its renowned users providing the musical soundtrack for the biggest event of 2012.

Opening ceremony musical directors, Underworld, long time collaborators of artistic director Danny Boyle, who have contributed to films such as Trainspotting and The Beach, wrote 11...


PMC loudspeakers has further enhanced its international distribution with the appointment of DEA International to oversee sales of the company’s hi-fi, home theatre and custom installation products, bringing PMC quality to the music lovers of France.

Based in Champigny-sur-Marne, just 18 km south east of central Paris, DEA International was confirmed as distributor following the...

Soundquest of Israel

PMC loudspeakers has appointed Israel‘s Soundquest as distributor for the company’s range of consumer loudspeakers, to bring the performance benefits of owning PMCs to the many music lovers across the county.

With its rich heritage in many genres of music, which includes producing some of the world’s leading classical musicians, Israel is a county familiar with good quality music. The...

Soundworks Musica Oy

PMC loudspeakers has further enhanced it presence in the Nordic region, to develop its brand awareness in the area and drive sales, through the appointment of Stereo Helsinki as the exclusive distributor for Finland.

Based in the Finnish capital city of Helsinki, Stereo Helsinki is responsible for the distribution of PMC’s range of consumer and professional products to its network of...