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After completing many successful projects on a pair of PMC DB1S-AII monitors, Thiago Manhani has upgraded his SM Mastering facility in Brazil by investing in a pair of PMC twotwo.6 loudspeakers.

Mixing and mastering engineer Manhani, who also DJs under the name of Olaroch, set up SM Mastering in São Paulo in 2015 and now attracts a varied and international clientele.



When it comes to mastering audio, accurate monitors are not just a luxury - they are a necessity. This, says mastering engineer Filip Pietrzykowski, is the reason why he has chosen PMC for his own mastering studio.

“PMC monitors deliver so much detail that they reveal any issues within the recordings in a matter of seconds,” Filip says. “In the professional world, this is an amazing...


Since 1989, Dorian Gray Studios has been delivering high quality music recording services to commercial clients as well as providing equally high quality training to the next generation of audio professionals. As part of the Music Support Group (MSG) GmbH, it also offers additional services such as CD duplication and graphic design, thus allowing customers to access a turnkey service that...


High-end media production company msm Studio Group has confirmed its commitment to Dolby Atmos Music by ensuring that its recently redesigned main studio is equipped with a PMC monitoring system – the reference standard for Dolby Atmos Music Mixing.

Opened in 1991, msm has long been at the forefront of cutting edge audio production. As well as its main Atmos studio, the Munich-based...


The quality and diversity of PMC’s professional loudspeaker range was a key reason why Dyre Gormsen chose the brand’s monitors for Eastcote Studio’s new Dolby Atmos music mixing room.
Housed in Eastcote’s Mastering studio, which has been completely revamped to accommodate the new system, the monitoring system incorporates PMC result6 speakers in an LCR formation and PMC Wafer2 monitors...


Apple’s announcement that it is bringing industry-leading Dolby Atmos sound quality to its formidable consumer base is a massive endorsement for immersive audio – a format that many people in the music industry are only just discovering.

For those who have not yet dipped a toe in the Dolby Atmos for Music market, now is absolutely the time to take the leap because Apple Music’s decision...