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Grammy Award-winning producer and writer Eddie Serafica is enjoying the sound of the PMC twotwo.6 monitors he recently installed in his London-based project studio.

“When I decided to replace my old monitors, I did a lot of research and heard great things about twotwo6’s,” he explains. “I demoed them for a couple of weeks and absolutely loved them. They have great clarity and...


Ausma Lace, a recording engineer from Latvia, has been awarded the Sound For The Future Scholarship, which was set up by UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC in association with the Audio Engineering Society Education Foundation.

This $5,000 prize is given to an audio engineering graduate who is also a member of the AES with the aim of helping them further their studies. In Ausma’s case...


The Munich-based company mixed Yello’s new album Point in Dolby Atmos for release on Pure Audio Blu-ray and through streaming services such as Tidal and Amazon.

Swiss electronic duo Yello have embraced immersive audio for their latest album Point by releasing a Dolby Atmos version, which was mixed in Munich by high-end media production company msm Studio Group.

Opened in...


PMC’s founder and chairman Peter Thomas has once again assisted Elton John’s management company Rocket Entertainment by consulting on which tracks should be included in a fabulous new box set that has just been released.

Entitled Elton:Jewel Box, this unrivalled collection contains 148 songs spanning Elton’s career from 1965 to 2019. Deep cuts, B-sides and rarities from his back...


Owned by award winning songwriter Sacha Skarbek, the studio is now enjoying the power and clarity of PMC’s result6 compact nearfield monitors with the added oomph of a sub2.

Clarity and extra power, especially at lower frequencies, are the main reasons why White Rope Music chose to install a pair of PMC result6 compact nearfield monitors and a sub2 in its studio.
Part of Kensaltown...


While most of the UK has been in lockdown, award-winning game developer Sumo Digital has been expanding its audio facilities by building three 5.1 surround sound edit suites, a Dolby Atmos mix room and a foley/ADR space at its premises in Sheffield. All of the new audio facilities are equipped with PMC monitoring, which was chosen because it offers the clarity and precision Sumo Digital’s...