OTARITEC Brings PMC’s Flagship QB1-A Monitoring To Japan

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The acclaimed pro audio distributor now has these Award-winning PMC main monitors in its demo facilities in Tokyo.
Japanese music makers can now experience the power and clarity of PMC’s main monitors at first hand thanks to a major investment by the company’s local distributor OTARITEC, which has installed a pair of PMC’s flagship QB1-A monitors in its demo facilities in Shinjyuku, Tokyo.
Established in 1980 by parent company OTARI to distribute its own range of audio products, OTARITEC now handles high end pro audio and broadcast products from many manufacturers including LAWO, Riedel Communication and d&b audiotechnik. 
OTARITEC already has significant stocks of PMC products and has developed a strong following for the UK monitoring brand since taking over as its distributor in 2018. Having PMC’s flagship monitors available for demonstration will further this cause, say an OTARITEC spokesperson, because it will help introduce more Japanese customers to unique PMC technologies such as its Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading system.
“Many of the larger Japanese recording studios are still using big monitor systems that were installed 20-30 years ago,” the spokesperson says. “By giving customers access to a QB1-A demo system we can show how far the technology of main monitoring has advanced and how much better suited these monitors are for recording and mixing Dance and Hip-Hop – two genres that definitely require the clear and deep low end that PMC’s ATL design delivers.”
The fact that internationally acclaimed studios such as Capitol in Los Angeles and Studio 301 in Australia have installed QB1-A monitors is also having an impact. Japanese producers and engineers are incredibly keen to demo the monitors – a point that was highlighted recently when OTARITEC ran a series of very successful QB1-A demo events for seven groups of key clients. 
“These events were really well supported and our guests included engineers from some very big recording studios, as well as members of the Japanese Recording Engineers Association,” OTARITEC’s spokesperson adds.
Chris Allen, PMC’s Business Development Manager, adds that gaining PSE approval (Japanese safety certification) for the electronics within its main QB1 and IB1S-A monitors has also helped further PMC’s cause in Japan. 
“We are now able to supply Japan with all PMC Pro products because every one of our systems comply with these local safety regulations,” Allen says. “Giving our Japanese distributor the ability to showcase everything in our Pro catalogue is sure to advance the PMC cause because we know that hearing is believing when it comes to PMC. Once people experience our monitors for themselves, they need no further convincing.”