Musician /Producer Florian Opahle Equips His New Studio With PMC

Monday, June 12, 2017

Musician /Producer Florian Opahle Equips His New Studio With PMC

After years of working in other people’s studios, musician, composer and producer Florian Opahle has finally opened his own recording facility – a beautiful 100 square meter studio in Rosenheim, Bavaria, at the foot of the German Alps.

Equipped with PMC MB2S monitors powered by two PMC Class D 1200Watt amplifiers, RedBoxx Studios GmbH has a live room, a control room, a machine room and tie lines to two more rooms that can be used as additional recording spaces. As well as being a music studio, RedBoxx also incorporates a large photography studio, which is run by Ophale’s wife, Assunta Opahle.

“I decided to build my own recording studio because I wanted to create and record music more efficiently,” Opahle says. “Since the age of 18 I have worked in various studios around Europe as a recording artist and/or session player. Over the years my work has changed from only recording guitar to recording bass as well - and eventually to doing whole productions on my own. This made having my own facility even more important because I wanted a place where I could be creative and have everything I needed to make music right there and ready to go.”

Currently on tour in the USA with Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson who he has worked with for the past 15 years, Opahle has also worked with artists such as Greg Lake (ELP, King Crimson), Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues), Chris Thompson and many more. When he is not touring, he produces music for various German labels and for his own projects, which include a 5-piece blues/rock band.

Primarily designed for Opahle’s own commercial and private projects, RedBoxx Studio GmbH was designed by acoustician Jochen Veith and audio engineer Gerhard Wölfle, who was responsible for the workflow, installation and cabling.

“The studio is set up as a stereo environment and alongside the PMC MB2S monitors I also have a pair of PMC twotwo.6 nearfield monitors with a PMC Sub One, if I need it,” Opahle says. “When I first started to work with Gerhard Wölfle at Dorian Gray Studios in Munich, I was amazed by the sonic quality of their beautiful MB2 5.1 set up. Within minutes, it was clear to me that one day I would like to have my own PMC speakers.”

Opahle quickly made that dream come true by investing in a pair of twotwo.6 nearfields. Then later, when he began planning RedBoxx Studios GmbH, he realized that he needed larger monitors to cope with the size of the control room – hence his decision to buy a PMC MB2S system.
“The PMC’s are amazing,” he says. “For me, they are my ‘go to’ speakers because they make it very easy to judge what is going on in a mix. They sound fantastic at low levels, don`t break up at high volumes and the impulse response is always right there. You can easily do 12-hour session and your ears won’t get tired with PMCs. I personally could not ask for more.”

With the studio now completed, Opahle is looking forward to getting back to Germany and starting work on a new solo album of material he has written in recent years.

“I feel truly honored to be part of the PMC family,” he says. “The customer service I received from PMC was fantastic - fast and straight to the point. I am very happy and thankful to PMC for being so professional and it is great to have finally found what I was always looking for in speaker system.”