Experience the PMC cor integrated amplifier at The Indulgence Show

Friday, August 18, 2017

The PMC cor integrated amplifier

The PMC room at Audio London, part of The Indulgence Show, will be the first venue in the UK where audiophiles can experience the 'cor', the company’s new consumer integrated amplifier.
The cor integrated is an amplifier that brings PMC’s holistic design philosophy to high-end electronics, for pure analogue music reproduction. It adds no sonic character of its own to the music, by following exactly the same design ethos for high resolution playback as used in the creation of all PMC loudspeakers, namely musicality, transparency and neutrality, where nothing is added and nothing is taken away.
Designed and built by PMC in the UK, the cor - the dictionary definition of which is: (anatomy) heart; (figuratively) soul, mind - is an integrated amplifier that works entirely in the analogue domain. Every element of a hand built cor has been developed with purity of sound and musicality at the top of the criteria list and it is unashamedly an analogue amplifier for the purist.
All the components were specified without compromise after extensive listening tests, including the volume control, the tone and balance faders, which are all motorised using the finest technology from professional mixing consoles, and are remote controllable.
The cor also features a true audiophile Class A/B headphone amplifier. Whatever the sensitivity of the headphones, the cor has enough drive to make them sing, with a musical, neutral and transparent sound.

Don’t miss the cor integrated in room D2, 'Mouton Cadet', on the second floor, at Audio London, part of The Indulgence Show, from 29th September – 1st October. Novotel London West, Hammersmith.