The 1st UK playback of 'Queen: The Studio Collection' on MB2 XBD-A’s

Friday, August 28, 2015

'Queen: The Studio Collection' MB2 XBD-A playback

Clarity and Universal Music Group Present the UK Preview of 'Queen: The Studio Collection' using PMC MB2 XBD-A Speakers at next month's National Audio Show, UK.

We are pleased to announce that Clarity, the hi-fi industry trade association, in conjunction with Queen and Universal Music will be presenting the first UK public playback of 'Queen: The Studio Collection' box set at the UK’s National Audio Show on 19 and 20 September 2015 – a week before the box set is released.

This fantastic opportunity for fans and audiophiles to hear the albums before they go on sale takes place at 12 noon on the Saturday and Sunday, during the UK’s only independent hi-fi show, held at Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire.

Five years in the making "Queen: The Studio Collection” brings together the complete collection of 15 studio albums, re-mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig and mastered for half speed vinyl cutting by Miles Showell at Abbey Road. Encased in a beautifully crafted box and complete with a lavishly illustrated 108-page book, featuring material from Queen’s archive and the personal archives of Brian May and Roger Taylor, these classic albums are presented in the highest possible audio quality for die-hard fans and audiophiles alike.

The top quality playback system will feature our £45,000 MB2S XBD-A loudspeakers, as used by Miles Showell at Abbey Road. The ultra-high resolution system will show off the audio quality of the box set with incredible detail and help create a feeling of actually being at the recording sessions, reproducing the energy and atmosphere that was felt when Freddie, Brian, Roger and John originally put the tracks together.

The Show Must Go On at Whittlebury Hall, Whittlebury, NN12 8QH (next to Silverstone race track). Entry is by purchase of a National Audio Show ticket, which can be obtained from the 29th August at: