March 2020

Kraftwerk Specify PMC For Their Design Museum Show
Kraftwerk Specify PMC For Their Design Museum Show
The iconic German electronic music pioneers chose PMC to ensure that exhibition visitors have an authentic experience by hearing their music on the speakers used to...
PMC Appoints Mastering Mansion
PMC Appoints Mastering Mansion Pro Audio As Its Distributor In Madrid
Madrid-based pro audio specialist Mastering Mansion Pro Audio has been appointed as a local distributor by UK speaker manufacturer PMC, with responsibility for selling...
Max Gilkes at 1Sonic
Producer Max Gilkes Allows His PMC Monitoring To Naturally Evolve

Producer Max Gilkes has taken a Darwinian approach to his latest equipment upgrade by allowing natural evolution to influence the changes he has made to his studio...

PMC does the double - Best amplifier and Best of Show

The world’s biggest selling and widest circulation hi-fi magazine, What Hi-Fi?, has just announced its round up of nine of the best British stereo amplifiers of...